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mui and kai fam

What's good? Welcome!

I'm Steph, the creator of mui + kai (both the brand and the little humans 😜), and this is my beautiful family. You may notice I look pretty tired in this pic, it's cause I was and still am, lol! So early warning, if you're reading this because you're interested in starting a small business...especially if you're also a prepared to look this tired! But it's worth it.

This is essentially a digital diary of my personal journey into entrepreneurship and the small shop world. I'm DEFINITELY NOT AN EXPERT. But in this blog I plan to give you an honest view through my experience of both the amazing and shitty parts of starting a new business; the things that have gone right for me and the many things I've already done wrong; my process for creating the product; a glimpse at the chaos that is my life (admittedly I like a bit of chaos); and anything else you'd be interested in reading.

I've dreamt of this little shop and entrepreneurship life for years. I quietly catalogued ideas in my mind, studied businesses that I admired, listened to podcasts about start ups, but I never uttered a word out loud to anyone about my desire to actually build something of my own. Why?


There's a million reasons not to start. I'm sure these sentiments are felt by every entrepreneur at the beginning and continue (maybe even more intensely) even once they've become successful. So why'd I take the leap?


I'm on my second (and likely last) maternity leave. I'll probably never have a chunk of time like this again to develop something. And it really boiled down to living with no regrets. Whether I succeed or fail I didn't want to forever wonder if I was capable, didn't want to watch other people's journeys from afar and never experience it for myself, didn't want to regret not betting on myself. 

And that's where we'll start! mui + kai has been opened for 2 months now. I have no idea where this shop will go but please follow along and join me on the ride! If there's a topic you wanna see me cover, please drop a line in the comments 👊 



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