Momtrepreneur: A day in the life

I recently read an article written by a woman that hated being called a "momtrepreneur". She believes it carries a negative stigma of being lesser than, not taken seriously, not aspirational, domestic. I see what she's saying...

But I wear the label proudly!


Any parent knows that raising little humans is hard AF. Add in the madness of starting a business, big or small, and that makes you a total badass in my eyes.

I'm extremely lucky to have in-laws that live close by and regularly babysit my kids. It's not uncommon for at least one of them to sleepover at grandma and grandpa's so that Derek and I can have a break. 

BUT I made the questionable decision to launch mui + kai AND do my first in-person markets while my in-laws were away on a month long vacation.

I felt the complete exhaustion and mounting pressure of a full-time mom + entrepreneur that month. Here's what a regular day looked like for this momtrepreneur.

Day in the life of Momtrepreneur

Friends ask me often, "when do you find the time to start a business?" Well, I usually get a solid 2-3 hours in after the kids go to sleep. I take full advantage of every 15-30 mins spurt to work on small tasks. I'll take a few mins to work on my phone or comp when I have one free hand while feeding or playing with the baby (and yes, I do have mom guilt over that). 

I'm often the first to wake up and the last to go to sleep. I don't take naps. I have very little time for myself. And real talk, some days this hustle feels like a straight up grind. But I'm still loving the adventure.

So shout out to my fellow momtrepreneurs and dadtrepreneurs (this needs to be a term too) who make it work. Keep on hustlin' real hard!


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