About Us

mui + kai is a family collab - created by a mom, with a lot of support from a dad, inspired by and named for our babes. “Mui” is the Cantonese word for sister and “Kai” is our son’s middle name.

We make hip hop influenced streetwear fits for your little ones aged 0-4. Made in Canada with premium fabrics.



I set out to create a line that makes babies look fresh to death while keeping them comfortable (literally, no rashes for sensitive skin) and doesn't sacrifice the well-being of people that make the clothes.

Looking dope shouldn't cause harm. 
Not to your babes; 
Not to the people involved in creating their clothes;
Not to the world they're growing up in.

These principles shaped the decisions on how, where and with what our clothes would be produced.

mui + kai chooses to work with sustainable fabrics (such as bamboo) that are suited for babes' sensitive skin and are less harmful to the environment. We use water-based, solvent-free print processes so your littles won't wear inks containing harsh chemicals. Everything is designed and ethically made in Canada - no sweatshops! - so you can feel good about your lil' homie reppin' clothes made by people who are treated and paid fairly. 

We know it’s not realistic for closets to be 100% sustainable and ethical. But when possible, choose to invest in well-made, local, sustainable and ethical fashion.

Ok, end of Public Service Announcement!